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Darlings, I am very happy to share with you this news. Ludmila Beauty Academy will be the host of numerous events, seminars, trainings, master classes and perfecting courses.

It is a great privilege for those working in the beauty industry to have the opportunity to attend these trainings held by national and international trainers: hairstyle, professional makeup, eyelash extension courses, etc.

This will help us grow and bring added-quality to our services. We have the great honour to present the first event of the international trainer, Marianna Smirnova, which will take place on June 5th-6th. Thematic training- Ideal Volume and Hollywood Volume. Her program is very well-structured and it includes:

  • the methodology and technological features of eyelash extensions
  • ways to optimize the procedure
  • precautions and preventing side-effects of the procedure
  • working with a hyperactive eyelid
  • ways to increase the wear of eyelash extensions
  • extending eyelashes in case of droopy eyelids
  • preventing fatigue of the lash master
  • highlighting the natural eyelash and choosing the proper tool
  • choosing the optimal extension shapes
  • eyelash extension methodologies in the corners of the eyes
  • achieving the perfect eyelash line
  • optimal parameters of the eyelash base depending on the extension effect
  • classification, shapes and types
  • eyelash correction procedure
  • photographing the results
  • charts for different types of eyes
  • mixes and curves, lengths and thicknesses

A comprehensive and full course for all lash stylists interested in improving their working technique and in gaining a solid base of customers. This training will provide the success formula.

Always there for you!
Ludmila Bordianu

My dear readers, today, I have decided to convey some useful information to those of you who are passionate about Makeup. Either you are doing makeup occasionally, you work in this field or you are excited about the idea of becoming a makeup artist. In order to excel in the art of makeup, you need a solid foundation. Of course, we are in the information era and there are enormous sources, which provide great advantage. However, you should know how to distinguish between what is good and what is not and extract the essence.

To come to your assistance, we have created a Basic Professional Course which comprises of all fundamental criteria for the training of a makeup artist.

The course comprises of 72 hours with 25 practical lessons each. The trainees may select a customized schedule - 3 hours, 6 hours or 9 hours per day. Depending on your availability, you may decide on the hours you want.

The course will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The trainer is focused solely on the instruction during these days. The products and brushes are provided by the Academy. The course comprises of a demonstration and practice part, where the trainees will be instructed and supervised for a successful final result.

My choice of title, ‘THE ABC OF MAKEUP’ has been specifically to lay the foundation for creating shapes in makeup, as well as contouring the face, eyes and lips. We will focus on correction, sculpting the face, covering dark circles, symmetries, axis, lighting, shades, neutralisation, upwards and downwards lines and face volumetric, in general. We will approach topics such as chromatic compatibilities, chromatic compositions, harmony in makeup, linear rhythm, textures and intensity spots. This is a group course and the Academy has 5 available seats. The trainees will invite models for each practical lesson. You will be notified in due time, in advance, on the topic.

The course ends an assessment and the award of a Certificate.
Register now and let your passion turn into a successful career.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information or details. 0725896328

To my beloved readers,
Ludmila Bordianu

Eyelash extensions have become a highly-requested by our customers.

Their popularity has currently reached its peak, so I definitely wanted to come up with advice and recommendations that would help you keep them beautiful and kempt for as long as possible.

Immediately after their application, the Academy’s lash stylist - Ludmila Beauty Academy will provide information on their care at home. She will also give you a brush that you can use to arrange and tame your eyelashes, in case they become disobedient after a certain time. During the first 48 hours after their application, you should not come into contact with water, steam, wet areas (pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, showers, excessive sweat, hot baths and cosmetic products).

Although the glue dries in a second, in order to last for a long time, we should protect the lashes during this interval. This will ensure your lashes last for 4 to 5 weeks. Another detail that we should consider is how we sleep. Having a clean sleep (not facing downwards), will ensure that your eyelash extensions last much longer.

Also, rubbing the eyelid slowly leads to loss of eyelashes. Very important: do not use creams with fat and oil content, since they significantly affect the eyelashes. People with oily skin should clean their eyelids very well with micellar water or mattifying wipes.

Make-up shall be removed only using micellar water or water-based makeup removal products. Oil-based makeup removal products are excluded. Using a cotton swab, gently dab the base of the eyelashes, without rubbing or affecting the aspect. Brush the eyelashes only to separate the ends and only if the eyelashes are dry. If they are wet, slightly dab them with a towel. Excessive heat is another enemy of your eyelashes, so avoid tanning beds.

During the first 48 hours after their application, you should not apply professional makeup (eyelashes are affected by makeup removal) and pay attention to excessive tearing, regardless of the reason: related to allergies, season allergies, colds, use of antibiotics, etc.. 

I look forward to you returning for the procedure and enjoying maximum wear of your eyelashes - because you deserve to be beautiful!
Best regards, Ludmila Bordianu

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