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Hair treatment trends are subject to change every day. We switched from traditional masks and vitamins to using various chemical substances considered to be solutions hair treatment. You may find comments, on forums, related to why a keratin treatment is beneficial or not and why taking organic substance pills could be good or bad, since they rush regeneration and stimulate hair growth, or why you should use Petroleum-based masks or limit the use of castor oil. Hairstylists, in particular, and everybody is at the core of innovations, revolutionary secrets for a healthy and shiny hair.

Recently, Kashmir Hair Biotex 4G procedure has become more and more popular. It sounds complicated, given its name, although this entire complication is based on the involvement of a specialist in the process. Yes, it’s not really possible to follow all instructions and perform this procedure at home. That is, if you care for your hair. The treatment is based on amino acids, which participate in the modification of hair cells, to give the hair a linear structure, turning waves into perfectly straight hair. Actually, a pH modification process takes place, deep at the root of every hair. Amino acids reduce the pH to get the desired effect. This type of treatment is impossible without adding keratin, which strengthens the scalp, hydrating hair roots and, therefore, preventing its damage. It is important to know that permanent damage of the hair, as a result of high temperatures of styling tools, destroy the magic effect of keratin and the hair begins, once again, to lose its vitality, similar to the boomerang effect.

You should know that, with proper care, the hair can be protected against split ends, deformed waves, and also against natural heat effects or chemical interventions, thus managing to remain beautiful up to ten months, in these conditions. Also, on forums, you may read that Kashmir Hair Biotex 4G is based on a formaldehyde dose. This is an utter lie, since the beneficial effects of this procedure are stipulated above, together with the entire regeneration process.

Our Beauty Academy is certified by our satisfied customers. This is because we encourage hair care and we trust our professionals. Hair has every chance of being regenerated, regardless how complicated the situation might be. We promote healthy hair and, even more importantly, we do not fall in the trap of unsuccessful experiments, since we always use the most natural materials possible. We encourage women to care for the beauty nature has bestowed upon them, which does not easily disappear, especially in case of our clients.

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