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Every bride expects a perfect makeup when addressing a specialist. Each of us has had the chance to shine in the limelight, even though not on a movie set. However and, there is a mini-Hollywood for your soul, as well. You should know that the makeup artist is not a magician whose wand can do any sort of miracles. Not everything is possible when it comes to the ‘skin as is’. The much-wanted result is impossible without a process, which also requires a stage of preparation. Yes, indeed ... the perfect makeup requires perfect skin.

When the skin is not well-rested and kept awake the night before, for the bachelorette party, an additional amount of foundation is required, accompanied by all possible concealers, as side-kicks. Aggressive masks with intense peeling, applied only a couple of days before this day, will also demand a double dose of makeup base, to hide the exfoliation and other side-effects of the procedure. The face should breathe. Pores should be left alone, in the most direct way. Incorrect removal of makeup may disturb the pre-makeup process, both for the bride, and for the makeup artist, who should let the ‘special’ part of this day safe and sound.

To dot the i’s and cross the t’s, before the professional makeup, the bride should make sure all the necessary hours of sleep are covered, she should not use aggressive masks, at least one week before the procedure, she should carefully remove any marks left from the previous day before sitting on the makeup artist’s chair and she should inform her specialist on any problems of the skin, invisible to the eye, such as rashes, allergies, incompatibility with certain cosmetic products.

Do not double the work of the artist who is simply trying to create a small chapter of your story and to satisfy you. A good specialist is able to manage any issue and will always analyse his/her work as well as he/she can.

However, there is always room for improvement, and this improvement also depends on you, my beloved brides to be. We are here to turn your expectations into reality and to recreate that magazine cover look that you desire so much, but you should know that, although beauty can be painted, natural beauty cannot be hidden. It persists and persists only when it is cared for. This is why you should take care of your skin and use our trustworthy specialists.

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