The greatest impact of a woman appearing at any event lies in the professional makeup. Makeup improves the look, covers flaws and creates a perfect harmony between the face and the outfit. With the help of shadows, half-shadows, volumes and lengths, we can highlight the colour of the eyes, hair, skin and outfit, in general.

Correct makeup will make any face shine: be it a bride, a guest at a corporate event, a ball, a special evening or a birthday, professional makeup will ensure a flawless look for hours. The Academy’s makeup artists will suggest styles that are suitable for you.

We only use professional long-lasting products from the following brands: ATELIER PARIS, STAGE LINE, PAESE, ESTEE LAUDER, INGLOT, REVACEN etc.

Va oferim sedinte de Machiaj pentru diverse ocazii:We provide makeup sessions for various events:

Makeup services are available strictly within the Academy. For efficient time management and to ensure the quality of services, we do not go make house calls nor do makeup at the venue.

Recommendations for future clients making a makeup appointment: Please make sure your eyebrows are tweezed. Tweezing is not included in the makeup session. This service can be provided 1-2 days before.


Eyebrow shaping by tweezing

‘Eyebrows define the beauty of your face’

This is a complex service to design and shape the eyebrows, calculated according to a logical principle. The Academy’s brow artist - Ludmila Bordianu will guide you in selecting the perfect shape for you.   


Eyebrow maintenance

Eyebrows are essential in shaping your face. If they are not tweezed on time, they can give the optical illusion of droopy eyelids, close set eyes or very small eyes. The simplest method is to do monthly maintenance, depending on their growth. The Academy’s brow artist can advise you in stimulating growth and obtaining the best shape.

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